The Undercliff Walk is a popular and inspiring coastal walk, which stretches from Brighton Marina to Saltdean.  The walk is on a broad promenade, three miles in length, below cliffs which form part of a long line of cliffs that stretch to Newhaven.  Walkers are given uninterrupted views of the white cliffs and the sea.  On a sunny day, the glare from the south facing cliffs is intense and sunglasses are desirable.  The Undercliff Walk is flat, easy walking and also used by cyclists.

The Walk was constructed in the 1930s, when the sea wall was built to protect the cliffs from erosion.  The promenade topping the sea wall, created the Walk.  The chalk and flint cliffs were shaped in the 1930s to produce an angle of 72 degrees, in an attempt to slow erosion, but weathering still occurs and major cliff falls have taken place in recent years.  To protect walkers, steel protection nets have been erected on the cliffs and shingle beds deposited at the foot of the cliffs, to prevent falling chalk or flints from hitting the promenade.  It is estimated that the cliffs here may recede 0.5 metres each year.

At Ovingdean Gap, the Ovingdean Cafe, which is popular with local residents and walkers, is open daily throughout the summer and at weekends in the winter.