Cornwall is the most westerly of the English counties. It has an independence of character from the rest of the Country. The beauty of its coastline is unequalled.

Rugged granite cliffs face the might of the Atlantic Ocean, but on summer evenings, glow with the most beautiful of sunsets. Cornwall has picturesque coves and harbours and unspoilt fishing villages, hiding between glorious sandy beaches.

This is the land of King Arthur and the drowned city of Lyonesse, where history and legend are inseparable. Few more romantic locations exist than the ruins of King Arthur’s Castle on Tintagel Head.

No wonder the dramatic cliff scenery and bleak moors of Bodmin feature in Daphne Du Maurier’s romantic novels.

Places to visit in Cornwall

North Gate, Inner Ward, Tintagel Castle, Tintagel

Tintagel, Cornwall

There are few places in England more romantic than Tintagel, where history and legend are completely interwoven. A place to experience the beauty and wildness of the Cornish coastline. A place to feel in touch ...