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Welcome to Beautiful England Photos, where you will find a display of photographs taken by Alison Avery, depicting and celebrating the beauty of England's diverse landscape and countryside. Use the map of England to explore areas close to you, or browse by region, county, or feature. Apart from England, there is hardly anywhere in the World, where such a variety of landscape is contained within a relatively small area. With such a diverse landscape, from cosy villages, to dramatic coastal regions and vibrant towns and cities, you are bound to find somewhere to visit. You can study the photographs to choose your next holiday or day trip, or to solely enjoy so many beautiful places in England, from the comfort of your own home.

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Beautiful England Photos

Beautiful England Photos is a celebration of the beauty of England's diverse landscape and countryside. I have been fortunate enough to visit many parts of the British Isles and take thousands of photographs, which are displayed here.

A varied landscape

England is regarded as one of the most beautiful and historically interesting countries in the world. In very few parts of our Earth's surface is there so much variety of landscape in such a small space. England exhibits such marked differences between North and South and between counties. The wild moors of Northumberland and Hadrian's Wall are less than 350 miles from Buckingham Palace in London. If you travel fifty miles in any direction, you will marvel at the change in the character of the landscape and the buildings.

Villages of England

The villages of England are a vital part of the landscape which has been influenced by man over the centuries. The thatched cottages of Dorset and Devon surrounding the village greens and the welcoming pubs and inns are well represented in my photographs. The honey coloured cottages of Broadway and Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds, are typical of English villages, where you can step back in time. No wonder Lacock in Wiltshire is chosen by so many film makers as a location for period dramas.

This website is my personal appreciation of the beauty of England. Visitors can study the photographs to choose their next holiday or day trip, or solely to enjoy so many beautiful places in England. New photographs are continually being added.