Rievaulx Terrace is a superb 18th century landscape garden, with a half mile terraced lawn, set above the River Rye. It also has two temples, woodland and dramatic views over the Cistercian Rievaulx Abbey. It is spectacular in all seasons.

There are twelve carefully constructed views between the trees over the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in the valley below, but there is not any direct access to the Abbey. The garden was created by Thomas Duncombe II, between 1749 and 1757. There are classical temples at either end of the Terrace. One is an Ionic Temple, intended as a banqueting house, the other a Tuscan Temple, which has rich plaster decorating inside the dome.

Rievaulx Terrace and Temples are owned by the National Trust, although Rievaulx Abbey is under the protection of English Heritage.

Where in England is Rievaulx Terrace and Temples, North York Moors, Yorkshire?

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