Whitchurch is a small town situated on the River Test, eight miles from Andover.  The name means, “White Church”, as the original Saxon Church was built of limestone or chalk.  It was replaced by a Norman structure in 1190 and the whole church was mostly rebuilt in 1866.

Whitchurch Silk Mill, on the River Test, is the only silk mill still working in England.  The Mill was built in 1800 and manufacturing started soon after.  It is open to the public.  There is an attractive walk along the River Test, which passes five historic mills.  Apart from Whitchurch Silk Mill, the other four are now private residences.

Richard Adams, author of ‘Watership Down’, the novel about the lives of rabbits, lived in Whitchurch for over twenty years, until his death in 2016.  Watership Down itself, is situated north-west of Whitchurch in the North Wessex Downs, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Lord Denning, the famous Master of the Rolls, was born in Whitchurch in his father’s drapers shop, Newbury Street, in 1899.  He lived there with his parents, brothers and sister for 24 years.

Where in England is Whitchurch, Hampshire

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