Cavendish is a large village near Long Melford and one of the most attractive in Suffolk. The extensive Village Green is famous for the view of the 14th century St. Mary’s Church tower and the 400 year old pink walled almshouses. The Green is well used for fetes, flower shows, vintage car displays and school games and sports. In earlier years, it was even used for public speaking, hence the adoption of the name, “Hyde Park Corner”. Cavendish was the ancestral village of the Dukes of Devonshire. Just past the church is Nether Hall, a 16th century timber-framed building.

Cavendish was the head office of the Sue Ryder Foundation, but the building is now a residential home, Devonshire House. Earlier, it was known as The Old Rectory and was Sue Ryder’s home. Sue Ryder, who later became Baroness of Warsaw, founded the Foundation in 1953. It was dedicated to the memory of those killed in two World Wars. She opened homes for disabled people and developed the charity, with homes and centres in countries around the world.

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